Practical alternative ways to live life

The structure of this blog.

“I write about awareness, progress, getting better and how that might work for us all in the real world. My writing by necessity is probably more rebel than Zen due to the numerous discoveries by other authors of what might be happening behind our backs. I attempt to map personal progress despite all our obstacles. I write to motivate, inspire and teach optimism in a very difficult world. I cover all aspects of life from health and fitness, work, relationships and everything in between. Getting better in the real world – whatever that might be!”

SWEET SPOTS – A Flexarian feels that the good life is discovered by the balancing of opposing forces flexibly and in a way most appropriate to each moment – Adam’s egoic mind

Pensees is a French word meaning a thought or reflection put into literary form. How philosophy was before it became overly categorized and structured mostly by egoic left brain dominant thinking.

I have taken the liberty of going back in time to when Philosophers used a freestyle form of writing more attuned to how thoughts come – as a random number of relevant points and paragraphs thrust into consciousness for no apparent reason – I suppose it could be considered more of a journal approach but from my point of view it allows the creative process to flow with my thoughts as I go through this process we like to call life. My thoughts are triggered for many reasons and show no respect for organisation and I like to get them down while they are hot and then expand them over time just in case they decide to evade me in the future. For thoughts in the now moment is all that there is. But they are only current thoughts and then they move on to a new present moment. There are many drafts involved in the process and publishing is a mere snapshot in the thought process. Thoughts can age very quickly indeed. There is never an ending or any finality in the process of life as we each interpret it right now. We never really know where it is leading. We are in a state of constant flux. Full of contradictions that rather than being frowned upon need to be acknowledged as part of the life process. We are never fixed – existentialists thought that death was the time we stop changing but let’s be honest even that mystery is open to interpretation. Nobody knows what is to come so it would seem prudent to live life as if it is either your first day or your last day. Both fit equally well. That way what happens at the point of the great mystery has not affected how we live our lives in this moment. That is what the flexarian attitude allows flexibility along the many spectrums that make up life in the search for our particular sweet spots for this moment and quite probably entirely different for the next. A sweet spot is never a sweet spot for all time. Everything changes.

The important thing is how you as readers uniquely interpret what you read regardless of my intentions. You have no obligation to agree with me. I am just a trigger for your thought process.

Thanks – I hope you enjoy the process and develop your own totally unique and entirely flexible world view and with it enjoy some excitement and peace of mind…

Adam’s egoic mind

We are reality constructors – We have been gifted the power to create the illusion of who we are not and what life isn’t – We are stuck with our egoic minds constructing apparent reality mostly below the level of our conscious awareness and then bull-shitting the meaning behind our actions – but all is not lost – Let’s try to understand using egoic mind but somehow harmonising beyond ego so as not to abuse the gift by continuing on our current path of destruction by failing to understand and accept our own egoic minds!  Paradox? Yes, but only to a misunderstood egoic mind that created the categories and separation in the first placeEgoic mind is both our best friend and our greatest enemy.”

Thank you – Adam x