A Flexarian Attitude – You Know It Makes Sense!

The Sky is not the Limit – The Mind is!

There are moments, and this is one of them when I think whatever I write there is an infinite number of opposing views that are all equally valid from a different perspective. Any view I put forward may be only temporary and limited to me at this time and place on any given topic. Purely my unique interpretation. There always being two sides to every story is not strictly true as there are many more than two sides to most stories.

I often feel that it is impossible to stop thinking for long enough to hold fast to any position for long enough to write about it before the doubts change my mind or more to the point evolve my thoughts.

I ask myself – “how can any person stick to rigid ideas, thoughts and beliefs in a world of constant change?”

The Flexarian attitude birthed at this momentI haven’t written much for months now because of an inability to anchor my thought process enough to confidently hold a personal worldview. I have thoughts that I like in any given moment but there are few that I feel I can attach to my identity and preach what I believe as my chosen worldview.

I can see from various perspectives with an open mind but I might even call my mind too open. Where have my constraints and limitations gone?

How can I write a book when the last sentence could be

“having stated the aforementioned the complete opposite may be equally plausible”?

How is this possible? Because none of the big questions in life have rational answers and so reason is useless when there are no reasonable solutions.

Reason is vastly overrated.

None can be scientifically proven and science is making a fool of itself by trying and when finding nothing to suit their limited perspective simply ignoring the questions. Our feeling (intuition) for the truth is a part of us that has been sorely neglected in favor of the scientific method. The need to have everything proven to our senses has resulted in our invisible talents such as intuition atrophying like any unused muscle. We have become a race that does not believe anything if we can’t taste, touch, see, hear or smell the truth. Our science has limited us in many ways.

If pressed I would call myself intuitive and well-read enough to believe in much termed supernatural. I believe we are self-healing, our consciousness is everywhere and may live on and in much that others believe belongs in a story beginning with once upon a time. I even think that fairy tales are truer than we realize, sprouting from the collective human unconscious and drawing us to them in a way that is magical. The human psyche relating in a way we do not fully understand.

So why do I feel so cut adrift? My beliefs are not the norm is one reason and I see very clearly the fake lives that supposedly normal people are living. While there is evidence for many of my beliefs what is ultimately required is faith. I lack faith. I am caught between faith and science. It is the middle ground and the place to be but it does not make it any more comfortable to be sandwiched between the opposing forces. The fact is it is not either or but rather both and. The middle way is where the truth may be found. Maybe not explained but at least accepted intuitively. And that there are many truths.

I am realizing the limitations of science but have yet to develop the faith needed to get firmly behind the “knowing” that we all possess without proof.

There is a great line used in prayer to finish regarding faith. It goes- “I lay back in your arms – amen”. Total trust.

Could it be that faith is the anchor I need – is letting go totally laying back in the arms of the universe the universal unconscious? Choose your term. Maybe even not choosing a term shows a lack of faith. Just letting go of constantly trying to control every single moment of our lives. Forget the past and trust that the future will be better simply because we are thinking better right now.

This doesn’t mean ignoring science (or does it?) but rather accepting there is much to our being (existence) that will remain a mystery and to be okay with that simple fact of life. A scientific perspective is just one perspective amongst many. Albeit the popular one – the chosen one for this time. To have faith in the power of mind and develop that power through meditation, an optimistic positive outlook and a love that includes everything. Difficult in a world that is so full of fear and petty distractions mostly created by science.

A good mantra is moderation. I do try to use moderation and I constantly catch myself being excessive and obsessive before pulling myself back in line. As with any plotted goal I expect the line to be zig zag rather than a straight line to my target. I do have an obsessive personality which I am aware of and attempt to moderate.

Amusingly my obsession with being obsessive is one area needing adjustment.

This morning I am fasting for approx. 36 hours. I began yesterday at 6pm. I have fasted in the past to offset and balance the tendency to instant gratification and greed pervasive in our societies. It also helps to stay in good shape physically and is a healthy practice. I am also having a low-tech day. No phone, pc or television. These actions help to moderate potential addictions to food, tech and petty distractions. Often used to escape to nowhere from nowhere.

I value self-discipline and today’s actions will strengthen that value.

Intrinsic motivation is an enigma to me. One can resolve to do something and fail often and then motivation appears as if by magic and the previously impossible task (fasting) can seem ridiculously easy.

My only explanation is magic or a power we don’t understand which is the same thing in my world. Magic is my term for all of life’s mysteries we don’t know and may never understand.

Think about it!

Much that we accept as normal now would have seemed magical when it was just a thought. Flight being the obvious example, healing another. Everything starts in mind as a thought and is created from that moment. Thoughts are things. The beginnings of all things. Mind is all. For many, mind is God. Once we fully appreciate the power and potential of our thoughts we will strive to never again entertain negative thoughts which up until now we have been unknowingly unleashing on the world.

I heard the mind described as a garden and thoughts are seeds we sow to harvest our reality. Sow only seeds of love, peace, wealth, health, harmony, happiness and wholeness and the reality will be good. Life will be good. Learn to observe the inevitable negativity and gently let it go. Accept and then replace the negative with positive thoughts and feelings or nothing at all.

All of this sounds simple enough but It is not and each point I have made goes much deeper. This blog is more of an overview of the attitude of not taking sides or adopting positions that are narrow and inflexible. It is not adopting any one idea or belief only that of having a flexible attitude to all that there is. A Flexarian attitude.

My books and blogs take on the task of looking at different topics from a flexarian point of view and how finding sweet spots for moments is a way to live a more satisfying life. A practical philosophy. My new writing – for my upcoming book is vastly different than all that comes before. The change in me is huge. But it has evolved. I hope you will start to notice the evolution in my writing and in yourselves as you continue with your love of learning and new thinking.

Flexarian – Above all it an attitude that lessens conflict and egoic mind as much as possible and maximises the learning possibilities of each situation and the chances of our gaining actual practical wisdom about what we are and what life is.

Agree or disagree – If you like my writing or it at least gets you thinking – please check out my books here.

Thanks – Adam Senex -x-