On Being A Role Model


Parents affect their children’s outlook in life so much. Some bad habits are so ingrained in families that the children don’t stand a chance of getting fit. Are we letting our indifference to health and fitness affect those around us, particularly the ones we love? This role really is so important. We all influence our nearest and dearest silently all the time with our memes, this is not a role we can decide we don’t want. Memes are the mimicked behaviour, the transferring of ideas, beliefs and attitudes to others and it all takes place mentally and silently. Memes pass from mind to mind via hundreds of thousands of imitations, they are not necessarily good or bad; they simply spread easily. Memes impact our behaviour throughout our lives and can influence our habits if we don’t realise and change those ingrained beliefs that are not serving us well.

  • Are we sending out the right messages?
  • Could our children, friends, parents or neighbours be setting us the right example?
  • Are we setting them the right example?
  • Do we take our position as role models seriously?
  • Do we even realise that we are all role models for someone?
  • Just because we are older does that mean we cannot learn from our children?
  • When is the right time to take our role model status seriously?

We have a lifetime of bad and some good habits just waiting to be passed on to our friends, children and even neighbours. Does the fact that the results are not immediately obvious like they would be with bad behaviour or poor manners mean that we ignore our responsibilities? Whether we realise the consequences of the example we set or not, there are, and will always be people that love us and look to us for a lead in life. We influence others and that is a fact. We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect but there must be a time when we look to set or follow examples of others with habits that will set up our families for generations by changing the activity culture.

Are we teaching our kids by example, to eat, drink and sit around doing nothing or play computer games? Is our fear of exercise influencing our children, significant others or any person that spends time in our company on a regular basis? Do you think walking is for people that don’t have cars or can’t drive? We can all make good or better health and fitness habits part of our culture permanently by starting the ball rolling with small changes here and now.

If you are overweight, unfit and sedentary and every social occasion for you involves food and drink, if your idea of relaxing is watching television or playing computer games, then you are following an example that could lead to a miserable life and an early grave. You are also setting this behaviour as normal and making it part of your culture to be handed down to future generations via your memes. In effect this behaviour has become part of your legacy. I know this may sound harsh but that is the whole point, our lifestyles are killing us, and we do nothing but joke about it until it is too late. Obesity is no laughing matter. Heart attacks are not funny. Bad habits lead to misery sooner or later is that what we want for ourselves and for our families?

When would be a good time to start to change the way you think and act?

Smile, it is never too late.

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Yours In Health – Adam Senex -x-