Understanding Others By Knowing Ourselves That Little Bit Better


Any person with introverted tendencies that has lived their life in the last 40 or 50 years will know what it feels like to be in crowds, groups or social gatherings but still to feel alone, exposed and as if you are weird because you just do not fit in to any situation unless you drink or drug yourself into becoming an extravert for the exercise. I firmly believe that many prescription drugs have arisen due to the constructed person we should be as normal and many seek assistance in hiding in broad daylight. I did this and I urge you to read my getting better books just to pick out those moments when I didn’t know quite who I was. Who was writing? Who is writing now?

How many introverted souls are getting through life with addictions and attachments due to the inability of society to accept such differences away from the society ideals amongst their ranks. Has it begun to change?

The problem is that the understanding must come from the extraverts in society and these are normally the people that don’t place any value on contemplating such matters. I have nothing against extraversion but do find it ironic that the thinkers of this world must take a back seat to the doers. Ideally, we can learn from one another and I do see steps towards those ends beginning to emerge. As with any minority, once the understanding and awareness begins it is like shining a light on the subject and change is inevitable.

I am personally in a unique position. I tend towards introversion and non-conformism and my wife of over 30 years tends towards extraversion and conformism. We make no attempt to change each other but rather have learned to understand opposites and differing personality types by living with the opposite. We both feel blessed to be in such a relationship.

I am not a teacher. I don’t feel teachers are what we need. We are all learners. Learners can find teachings wherever they look. Social conditioning operatives (teachers) in my opinion merely teach conformism and are great at helping others to tick boxes or fit into jobs that they didn’t really want in the first place but their choice was limited. Certificates and qualifications say very little except that you can be conditioned. My formal education which was fine did little more than supply me with worthless pieces of paper and a trumpet to blow but was of little use in my practical world. I learned more extraneously alongside my education experience than I ever did from the actual courses. I found some of the biggest ego maniacs I have ever met in academia. But maybe it was my ego reflecting at me. Interesting. Ultimately, we must all become autodidacts if we hope to break free of only knowing what we are handed on a plate or what we see experts peddling in the media or because it has always been that way and everybody knows that is the truth. I will talk about some of my methods of caring for myself that enable me to be open to new thinking.

New thinking as I term it is often very old thinking that has been misunderstood or buried normally for power and personal gain. There is very little new thought. Maybe none.

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Adam Senex x