Why Do Many Intelligent People Fail To Achieve Anything Close To Their Full Potential?


Potential is measured relative to success in society.


Because their potential is not geared up to conformist society needs. There are many intelligent people that just don’t fit what society conditions and needs in its automatons. Some manage to succeed but live on the edge of fitting and not fitting.

Much the way a tap dancing bee would be of little use to the hive. Many talented humans have talents that are surplus to requirments in a society that mostly values profit over people.

The geniuses are great examples. Einstein a typical scientist? Not really, but managed to fit his genius into “the game”. Many are not able to achieve that. As an example – I met a professor one night foraging in Kings Road – Marks and Spencer’s bins for food. He had become disillusioned with that very game and could not reconcile his principles with what he SAW intuitively as being right.

Playing the game is not for everybody.

What is normal sanity?

What is normal behaviour? Generally gauged by what fits the herd. Education is geared up to fill roles. Nothing more. Jung states it as finding human units to fit the roles in our society

An interesting waste of amazing potential in this world for a massive lack of understanding that we are being led along a blinkered pathway.

The brilliant leaps forward in this world do not come from “gently does it” conformity but rather from those that look at the world from an entirely different and often controversial perspective that they are unwilling to stray from.

Maybe hammered for years by the conventional conformists as being crazy or dangerous before attaining the fame they deserve. Often after they have passed on. Public opinion does what burning witches and books used to achieve. Think – Copernicus and Galileo. There are many out there now fighting for crazy ideas that WILL be the norms in years to come. Even science ignores what it can’t explain or is uncomfortable thinking anew.

Maybe science is the worst for this.

How many of the crazies are right?

Many – because they are using intuition along with their knowledge and curiosity to find new truths.

The herd is blinkered and conditioned from birth on how to think. Educated in how to think. This in reality limits humanity to lose the true open-mindedness that would signal rapid evolution for that same humanity. All in the name of profit and social control.

In a nutshell it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are if you are not able to play the game.

Success in the game is how society gauges intelligence.


Is that true? Anyone that reads will find very plausible theories that fall outside the accepted norms. But the resistance is amazingly brutal for these brave souls. They are the pioneers leading us to the future for little or no reward or recognition. The good news is they are becoming more and changing the mindset of even the biggest (narrow minded) sceptics. They are the seed planters and once planted the seeds will grow.

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Adam x