The following simple technique will improve your overall life quality and overall life fitness without ever touching a weight, running up a hill or dieting.

John Lennon is reputed to have said LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE ARE BUSY MAKING PLANS. Imagine reaching a point in life and feeling as though you have missed the point while greedily chasing more stuff! Ease yourself back into life. Not the rat race but real life beyond the rat race.

“A great way to ease yourself into the beneficial practice of Mindfulness!”

If you are a busy person this exercise will help you to balance your psyche whilst fitting your busy lifestyle. It would be better not to be so busy but there are times when we all take on too much when challenged by our culture to conform to standard expectations. This is how we begin to fight back, by seeking out small mindful moments. Or more to the point acknowledging the moments that are there already in our lives and we are not present or too busy (in our heads) to enjoy or even notice.

Pick a sense, any sense. You may use any sense you favour or vary them across your day to suit the situation.

Touch, see, listen, taste or smell. Whichever you are using – ATTEND & STAY – for a precious moment.

I favour listening with eyes closed. An example from my life is to close my eyes and focus on my ticking clocks, total silence or birdsong, depending on where I am. I even meet a bird on my walks that mimics a fire engine siren. When I first moved into the area I went exploring amongst the labyrinth of houses and I got a little lost until I heard my fire engine siren mimicking friend and I found my way home.

With eyes closed I relax and listen and immediately feel the experience of being present throughout the whole of my body. I ATTEND & STAY just briefly. Another I have used in the past is when arriving at any destination in a car to turn everything off in one go and attend to the contrasting silence. It is a moment of absolute heaven before I move back into the flow of the turbulent life that western culture requires us to lead.

I experience the same with the initial taste of good food, particularly after fasting. The odour of coconut products and various shrubs and flowers, I can often be found with my head in an aromatic bush (ooer!). The sight of birds of prey in flight is trance inducing as are many other spontaneous moments throughout nature. I attend fully and stay for as long as I am able, mostly too long as it is difficult to escape once you are bewitched. I even close my eyes while stroking the dogs and if you have a very good friend, in my case Julie, one can touch and stroke the others face and both the toucher and touched enjoy the experience of the other being present in the same moment. The other will know if you are not present the experience will not be the same.

We tend to abuse, neglect and overload our senses in the 21st century, these moments teach us a new appreciation of something we, as developing humans have come to take for granted in our desensitised states.

Rediscovering our senses and boosting our human experience throughout the day is a pleasure that you will not forget.

Just remember! Whatever the moment. ATTEND & STAY even for the briefest precious moment.

Yours In Health – Adam Senex – PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BOOKS