Good News! Total Body-Mind Fitness Gels With Age.

The Older I Get The Better I Was

The above was a slogan on a T shirt that I once saw. And was a humorous poke at how more mature people exaggerate their exploits as they mature. This blog is aimed at convincing you all that it can read the following if we just take time to take in the much bigger picture with Total Flexarian Life Fitness-

The Older I Get The Better I Get

As we mature in years and hopefully psyche there is a trap that awaits us all. It is the trap of believing that our best moments in all of our life is behind us and that we may be “good for our age” but we will never regain our former greatness. A former greatness that we wildly exaggerate, not because we consciously lie to boost our status, although there is a little of that but rather all human beings unconsciously narrate their lives to contain meaning and make some sense in preference to accepting the truth of our lives and events being a collection of random experiences that we piece together to make sense for ourselves and for others with our life stories. This is a choice made in preference to accepting how out of control and logic-free much of our lives are and have always been. We like to think we have planned everything. In reality we do create our lives but through our unconscious thinking and beliefs and most of us haven’t a clue what we are creating. A project for later in life.

I look back at pictures and video clips of years gone by and I am amazed at how different I was and didn’t “see” myself at the time to appreciate my efforts. Please notice! I said different and not better as there is much about my 60-year old that is a progression on say 20 years ago. Mostly due to understanding how much of a role our minds plays in the totality of our experience on all levels including the physical and what we see in the mirror. I am now ripped 24/7 – much lighter bodyweight – I am 103 kilos and 191cm tall. I am mastering myself and understanding the need for totality of mind (the master) – body and soul in any personal development plans. 20 years ago I was focused on developing a 276lb body which was the heaviest I remember still with fading abs. I always used to plan my strategy according to being able to see my abs. My 21st-century approach would have benefitted my 20th-century self but that is not the way it works. We only learn from wiser people when we are ready and not when they are ready. A lesson there in itself.

I observe so much ridiculously poor exercise form and robotic conformity in the gym these days. It is frustrating and from the poor quality, misshapen physiques it is obvious that nutrition and supplementation receive an equal lack of attention to detail. The details and the belief in what you are doing is where the physique its to be unearthed. Sadly too many look to a syringe and drugs too early in their bodybuilding journey and never get past the fat, watery, angry and misshapen stage. And their mates tell them how good they are! C’mon really? Drop the weight – tighten the diet – lessen or lose the gear – learn the trade. Almost forgot! Behave like a friendly human being.

How the hell have I got such a nerve?


I have been that guy apart from the misshapen bit. I always trained all of my body and for the record never used gear until well into my forties (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). I didn’t need to as people accused me of it without having to do it. I have also learned – SHOCK HORROR – My physique is much better natural (quality not quantity) and there are many ways to increase HGH AND TEST without spending a fortune injecting God knows what into your body. Just be patient. I am convinced I am in shape now because I did not take shortcuts. Many guys I used to train alongside have long since stopped through illness or just became disillusioned. Probably fed up with ballooning up and down in size with their drug cycles. Something I have never had to deal with. Being in shape 365 days a year is my aim. Short-cuts are short term and ultimately less satisfying. Nutritionally controlling your hormones is all it takes to be in the growth state when you need to be. That takes some self-belief in the fact that you already have all you need to be what you want – just believe and learn. That is part of maturity.

My current training is against all of the common beliefs about what we should and shouldn’t be doing. I am big ripped and fit. I rest my case. I will gladly share it with anyone that wants to know and that has the capacity to know that as long as you have faith in what you are doing you will succeed. I love my training – Julie and I are still the hardest training and most passionate people in the gym 7 days every week.

“You were born an original don’t die a copy.”

Your body is your gift to experiment with.

And I don’t mean with as many drugs as possible – but rather finding ways that are safe and long term in reaching your goals.

If I were to list three traits that are needed but sadly lacking in physique – health & fitness and other areas of life it would be the following. There are more but for now think about these!

REFUSAL – To accept as given the norms we are expected to conform to in the whole of our lives.

CURIOSITY – To read and observe the many ways to shape a state of mind and body away from the norms. Curious to see what is possible outside the box. There are infinite ways to achieve a unique body and mind and total worldview for that matter. Where the mind leads the body will follow. Allow curiosity and imagination to enhance intuitive choices away from the herd mentality, science and logic which all serve to limit our natural intuitive natures. Both are beneficial when used together – but progress often defies logic. We get locked into the norms and new norms and never think there are infinite possibilities and the paradox is that the opposite of many scientific research findings often works just as well. Live long enough and you will discover what is thought as counterproductive now will, with further research be thought of as productive. Think fats, protein and carbs. I rest my case. Science is backed by profit mongers. What feels right is good and the best of all paths is the path of MODERATION.

INNOVATION – To be passionate, excited and almost childlike about personal innovation and experiments working against the norms. Always good to go in the opposite direction if you want to be unique. Be happy to be a leader and thick-skinned enough to ignore those that tell you-you are wrong. They are basing their comments on the norms and conformity. It is right because the celebrity and science say so. Bull shit! Be content to plough your own furrow. You will be surrounded by others conforming like sheep to the latest fad, trend or next big thing. Whatever happened to the last big thing? Hmm! Be content to change and vary everything constantly just because it feels right. Just be intense and discipline yourself to train head to toe. No lopsided physiques please. They are so damn ugly. Test likes to build chest, lats, delts, traps and arms. Make sure you balance it up by working the less testy parts of your body. I am fed up looking at excessively round shouldered neanderthal men roaming the gym with the most obvious testy bodies.

So, in reality the title of this blog could read


And be adopted as the mantra of everybody that ever walks into a gym.

Expect to get better for life. Then exceed expectations!!

As we mature we just relate to our lives in a more comprehensive, exciting and awe-inspiring way.

Confident enough to operate well outside the box and not give a flying fart what others think. Particularly when those others are in poor shape and not very happy bunnies..

To be IN-SHAPE when you are older is to belong to a much more exclusive club with very few members. Many casualties fall to the expected norms of our cultures and become just what they are expected to become. Stiff, achy, weary, fat and saggy because that is how we age. Maybe, but not quite that soon and just imagine if we are like that because we accept we are like it and with time the whole expectation can change if enough of us believe and change our way of thinking..

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Adam x