CUT THE CRAP! The Reality of Fitness Progress

Julie drinks beer occasionally and eats junk food too. Reality is never perfection in habits. But, more good habits than bad over the long haul. One word – CONSISTENCY.

Far too often in all of my years as a coach I have witnessed a tendency for people to attempt wholesale changes to their lifestyles and upon failing to meet such great expectations end up back at square one or worse – feeling that they are failures and will never be strong enough or worthy enough to make the desired changes.

I am here today to tell you that progress is normally attained in very small steps and the path to any goal is more a zigzag path than a direct attainment.

Most nutrition changes (diets) and exercise routine recommendations are much too lost in the details and less aware of the reality of making real sustainable change to ones lifestyle. As if they have to be adhered to religiously to get any results. That is just a load of crap and more about the creators wanting to appear scientific and guru like than it is to do with making real progress. They are recommending perfect behaviour when they themselves are far from perfect in that behaviour. It is easy to copy out a theory and share it as the plan to follow when you are not doing it yourself. Let me tell you a secret even the best physiques and healthier members of our society lie about how often they cheat and how often they make allowances for themselves. This is what they should be sharing with you not some fantasy reality of perfect behaviours leading to perfect people. Any changes and adaptations you need to make something fit for you is okay – you are trying to improve health and fitness and to look amazing that takes time and flexibility and the ability to innovate the information available to suit yourself.

This picture looks as if I never eat chocolate. I love chocolate and often indulge myself. Again I just have more good habits than bad and I am consistent over the long haul.

An example –

Fasting – there are lots of best ways to do this apparently. What it comes down to is eating less often than you are at this moment in your life. Going without food when you don’t feel hungry or get busy. That is a start! The key here is knowing that there will be moments when you are motivated to fast for long periods and times when you know you are not. It happens to us all for no apparent reason. It just does. Accept that and be flexible enough to go with your own flow. There are no reasons to explain why we are sometimes “on it” and sometimes not – we just look for them. Or decide we are weak and worthless. Not true – we are just human and have to negotiate how we are feeling at any particular time. Accept this and make the most of your motivated moments and minimise the damage during your less motivated moments.

if you asked me how I fast and get ripped I would probably tell you about how my regime is such and such and give the impression that I have the self-discipline of a God. The truth is I bumble my way through somehow and then do as we all do and explain it afterwards to give it meaning when it fact it is far from perfect. But! I always stick at it and adapt and never ever think I will fail in anything that I do.

I hope this short blog will help you treat yourself with a little more compassion when you are looking for change. There are infinite ways to make progress and we all do it in unique ways – the habits best suited to our lifestyle is the best way to go.

Good luck.

Adam x

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