Try This Unisex Workout!

EMBRACING CHANGE – There are no right and wrong workouts and the choices are infinite as a quick look on any social media platform will prove. There are so many “last words” on physique training that it can make your head spin. Rest assured if you pick or innovate a session that you believe in and can adapt and make steady progress – then that is fine. There will be many that fit this bill – just keep your mind open. Often what is needed is to shock your body by doing something totally new – Our bodies and minds become stuck in the same old routine and need the challenge of something new and uncomfortable to kick start progress once more.

A SUGGESTED FEEDING AND FITNESS REGIMEI am just going to share with you our current regime so that if you are looking for a change and want further progress – the following OR YOUR ADAPTATION OF IT will help.

We are training using an upper body lower body split – 2 days on and then two days off. I will leave it to you to decide what you do for each on each session. We mix it up a lot and never do the same routine twice.


  • OFF – 24 HOUR FAST

The first 2 days when we train we eat a high protein diet and eat quite a lot of food.

The first day off we fast all day and eat just once in the evening after fasting for 24 hours – a substantial feed and then to bed within 2 hours so we do not continue to eat. Anyone having fasted will know the feeling of eating out of control that can occur if you fail to break a fast sensibly. We still walk the dogs and keep our activity levels up in this period but do not gym train.

The second day off we do not eat until 16 hrs minimum has elapsed from breaking our day one 24 hr fast. For us that is around noon. We then eat well to begin the fueling for the next 2 days training.

Adam x

It is that simple and there are many theories as to why this is a good way to manage physique and fitness but we do it because it works and it allows us to eat well sometimes and gives us the benefits of fasting such as a massive boost in natural growth hormone release at other times. Our nutrition is targeted to our training and recovery needs.

The supplements we use – Universal animal packs when we eat our main meal. Normally in the evening and a decent protein supplement as I need to get over 200 grams per day and Julie also needs at least 1 gram per pound of body weight. This requirement actually increases with age and can be difficult to reach even on a normal feeding day – the trick is to make the protein target on the 16-8 fasting day. Obviously the 24 hour fasting period needs nothing except black or green tea – black coffee or water.

If you try this and are not able to fast for the suggested periods. Just do what you can and keep at it. It will come and when it does for no obvious rhyme or reason. Good luck.

Adam x

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