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I attended university in my late forties. As I navigated my way through the process it became obvious to me that there were subjects that enhanced my life experience and those that just furnished me with useless information. The three subjects that I embraced the most and considered most worthy were Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. Why? Because I could relate what I was learning to what I had lived and was living at that time. It was as if somebody had shined a light on my life and I was being enlightened as to what was actually occurring with my experiences. And finally there was wise guidance available everywhere to help me both explain and navigate my way through a more satisfying life. Each lesson was the theory and I was in the process of living the practical lessons.

I called this “Living The Learning” and I decided that from that point on – any knowledge that did not lead to my being able to enhance my life experience or reflect and learn from past experiences was useless to me.

There was/is a lot of useless information being peddled at that university and across the globe. Our education process is flawed in the extreme. But that is a subject for another blog/book and another day. We have forgotten how important education is for shaping and transforming human beings into a more ideal and satisfying mode of being thus increasing overall happiness. This trade off is so we can place them as human units in the proper positions for profit. This is not the way to enhance the human race. Profit can never be the primary goal of the human race as it is now. We can see how that is working out each day on the news and by the suicide and murder figures not to mention the amount of human beings being medicated each and every day. The human race is generally restless and the time has come for each of us to take control of our own lives and to know that we are in sole charge of our own happiness, tranquility or satisfaction whichever word suits what you hope to be your primary state of mind for the rest of this process called life.

Any information or learning not intended to enhance our unique human experience is a total waste of our time. There is much useless information and alleged “truth” on the information highway and fired at us constantly via our numerous devices that is total crap and a waste of our living time.

For a Flexarian “truth” is a very personal concept – never absolute and always debatable. Learning to select the useful life-enhancing information from the useless blurb is the art of mastering life by living the useful learning. If you are not processing information that transforms and enhances who you are and how you live towards the optimum mode of being, you are wasting your life. I have a blog post about flexible personal truth that goes deeper into this.

How sad to look back at life and realise it has been wasted on distractions, addictions and false desires when it is all so avoidable by adopting a personal Flexarian life philosophy that will make life interesting and supply that much needed personal meaning and peace of mind we all desire above all else.

My advice to everyone is to adopt a personal and flexible philosophy for living your life. Flexarianism is such a philosophy.

Thanks for taking the valuable time to read my blog. I hope I have helped in some small way.

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Adam Senex

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