Get It Off Your Chest! Sometimes The Last Thing You Want To Do Is The First Thing You Need To Do

Honesty is a Character Strength that will improve your life immeasurably – Just Do It! And your character will harmonise with your actions perfectly.

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Sometimes, for numerous seemingly good reasons, imparting the truth can seem very hard. However, the hardest thing is often the first thing one should tackle, and it is normally wise to “just do it.” Living with the real chance of getting caught out in lies or untold truths and losing something valuable, like a loved one’s trust forever, is rarely worth the moment of bravery it takes to show or develop some good old fashioned values.

If you need more reasons to live truthfully – remember how it feels to be lied to – betrayed and alone. And what did you think of the person that hurt you so badly? Nobody should do that to another human being that they care about. It devalues both parties.

Living by this simple rule will make sure you don’t act in a way that you are not willing to be honest about and acts as a guide to our right behaviour. That is character – That is a virtue. SIMPLE!

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Thanks for reading – Adam x

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