• I have formulated a philosophical attitude for life that I call the flexarian attitude. The hope is to guide others away from conditioned responses and towards more real understanding of themselves, others and the way the world may work in reality.
  • I am an avid, maybe obsessive reader. Books give me the ultimate buzz of excitement and open the doors of my mind to the awe and wonder that is life.
  • I am a deep thinker, loyal, reliable, unpredictable, kind and maybe a little crazy!
  • The mythological Adam was the first man to make a non-conformist conscious choice. Contrary to popular belief it comes from the Sumerian word meaning animal. Something we are all battling with. Our animal nature.
  • Senex is a Latin word literally meaning a wise man of mature years
  • I’m a husband to my best friend, training partner and soul-mate Julie, my psychic opposite who loves to make up the whole! A story in itself.
  • I’m a Father of three grown-up kids, Ryan, Kerry and Shaunie. I have four grandchildren – Ashleigh, Zak, Megan and Jake.
  • I have five dogs, Jacob, Smudge, Zing, Titch and Zen.
  • My greatest character strength is the love of learning.
  • I am hungry for knowledge and to become more than I am.
  • I have a BA (1st class hons) in Sports Studies.
  • I have a fitness & nutrition Diploma (distinction)
  • I am a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer
  • I am a hypnotherapist.
  • I am an author of 12 books which can be found on Amazon under three authors – Adam Senex – The Fitness Wizards and Gary Walsh.
  • Successfully completed 12 weeks mentor training with Greenhouse Mentoring U.K.
  • Formal schooling aside – I am an autodidact studying voraciously every day. The brain must be exercised as much as the body. I can learn more practical knowledge in one day than I ever did formally.
  • I was born to be among the advisers and thinkers, the spiritual and moral leaders of society.
  • I was a toastmaster for a while.
  • I have a theory for everything (apparently).
  • I walk a minimum of 10k every day (dogs)
  • I exercise at the gym intensely at 4 am at least 5 times per week.
  • I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I love working out, nutrition, writing, reading, studying and selectively watching awesomely deep movies and philosophising about anything.
  • I give everything in my life a name. My Jeep Wrangler is Hermes. My bike is Tao. My PC is Percy. You get the drift. I give my stuff essence. And I can be heard talking to my dogs and stuff. Crazy? Nah!
  • I have no television. Dvd’s on my computer only. I detest what commercial television is doing to a docile unsuspecting human race without our full knowledge.
  • I use my bicycle as my primary mode of transport.
  • I have a Snow White and the seven dwarfs fetish. See book 4 of the getting better series.
  • I’m made of positive energy. I am up very early and out in nature at sunrise year around. I love the isolation and relative quiet of these times in nature. And small fires while the sun rises.
  • I have had a very full and varied life that just gets better.
  • I’m a peaceful warrior, a spirited individual and a down-to-earth guy next door all in one!
  • I aim to be different each day. Hopefully for the better but you never can tell.
  • I’m a Virgo. My birthday is 19th September.
  • I have been a competitive physique competitor having trained for over forty years.

My Ever Changing life motto:

The sky is not the limit…The mind is!

LIVING THE LEARNINGI am changing constantly and so my writing dates rapidly as a different Adam is writing each day.