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There Are No Special Male And Female Exercises Just Those That Suit Your Goals Or Don’t Regardless Of Sex

Don’t allow gender-specific bullshit falsehoods to keep you from the best exercise choice you could ever make. We have the same muscles Should the way women exercise be radically different from the way men exercise? In my opinion there should be no such thing as gender-appropriate exercise as there are no relevant differences that would…
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If You Want A Better Life By Developing Fresh Habits & Behaviours? This Is The Habit For You.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” — Henry David Thoreau poet and philosopher You may be reading this and thinking that exact question. First, let us define bodybuilding for our purposes. Bodybuilding – Any person changing or wishing to change the shape of their body through diet and…
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Six Effective and Innovative Ways to Optimise the Precious Time Spent Enhancing Your Health, Fitness and Physique.

Immerse Yourself In All That Is Relevant To Your Progress Thinking that one needs a personal trainer to guide our progress is misguided and a quick fix to what must be considered from the outset a lifetime engagement with the physical aspects of what it means to be human. Becoming engaged with what you are…
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